What is PvP?

PvP is a positive gamer social community built on the most famous gaming acronym and URL in the world, “PvP” or “Player vs. Player”.  The platform is currently in beta and being used by Creators and Streamers to build and grow their own communities, and by everyday gamers to connect with each other across games and platforms to play for fun, take it seriously, or check out cool gaming highlights and content across 60+ games.

Is PvP a game?

No, but we do have 100+ games currently represented within the community.

Who is PvP for?

Are you a gamer who’s into into popular multi-player, FPS and Battle Royale games?  Do you want to meet other gamers who are great to play with and have a place to view gamer clips, highlights, and posts?  If so, PvP is for you!
First, create a squad.  Then, invite others to join your squad.  Once that is complete, send out a squad signal which notifies the other members that you're ready to play.  Lastly, you can coordinate even further using the squad voice chat.

What are PvP's community guidelines?

You can find PvP's community guidelines HERE

How do I coordinate with other gamers?

Create a squad and invite other gamers.  Send a squad signal to send a notification to your squad members that you are ready to play. Coordinate in the squad voice chat.

What to do if I have issues logging in?
How do I invite friends to PvP?

There are multiple opportunities to share content within the PvP app using the share sheet on your device. Additionally there is a share link in the top left corner of the news feed.

How do I upload clips and highlights in PvP?

Highlights can be uploaded and stored on your Profile page! Frequent users also post and share them in our NewsFeed and Squad Chats.

What’s the difference between Discord and PvP?

First, we love Discord and use it ourselves!  At PvP we tested to learn if gamers wanted to connect and meet in general when not playing and they did.  We built discover features to help facilitate these connections and we're a community-based approach to connecting gamers and building gamer tools.  You are also able to login (https://www.pvp.com/login) to PvP with your Discord credentials if you like.

How do I Troubleshoot within PvP?

Within our apps, just tag @support in a post or a comment with your issue.  Alternatively, you can email [email protected].

How do I join multiple Squads?

There is no limit to the number of squads that you can join. Use our Squad Search functionality to discover other squads for the games and platforms that you play.  Or create your own.

How do I make my Squad hidden or private?

As a squad owner, you can control whether your squad is public and open to new members (default), or if your squad is hidden or private.  Hidden squads will not show up in squad search results, but any user can join with a direct link. Only other PvP gamers who follow you can join a private squad, and then only with a direct invite within the app from you.

What to do if someone harasses me on PvP?

Report the user to [email protected] or send a DM to @support with the relevant information.