Welcome to PvP! At PvP, our mission is to unite the global gaming community by providing a safe and positive environment for gamers and creators to discover, engage and play with other users. To achieve this objective, we ask that each user in our community interact and participate in a way that promotes a friendly and welcoming experience for our global community.

Core Principles:

  1. Be Positive. At PvP one of the first areas we set out to address was negativity and toxicity within the gaming community. Toxic attitudes = not welcome.
  2. Be Cool & Encourage Others. One of the best ways to be positive and add to the community is to cheer someone else on.
  3. Connect with Others. Your friends old and new are what make gaming great.
  4. Talk Gaming. We’re a gamer social community called PvP, duh.
  5. Be Yourself. Personalities and opinions within the confines of gaming, streaming, gear, hardware, gaming news etc. etc. are all welcome and encourage.

Below are the guidelines for our community. These guidelines fall under a common-sense philosophy and apply to all user-generated content and activity on our platform. While some of these rules may seem obvious, these guidelines are meant to explain what is allowed and not allowed on PvP. If any PvP user violates our community guidelines, they are subject to a disciplinary review which may include but is not limited to, a reprimand or warning from the PvP Community Team, suspension from PvP, and/or a permanent ban from PvP.

This is a considered a living document that our executive team will regularly update based on the evolution of PvP and the PvP community.  Additionally, guidelines or specific exceptions may be made for certain properties and use-cases that fall under the PvP app.

To protect the integrity and mission of our community and as the provider of the platform, we at PvP reserve the right to suspend any account at any time for any conduct that we determine to be detrimental, harmful, or inappropriate to any other user or our community at-large. Please refer to the following guidelines:

PvP generally condemns toxic attitudes, behaviors and conduct.

Represent yourself professionally. Most on our platform have a career in gaming, want one, are serious about the craft, are recruiting teams or want to play with other good players. All of this adds up to treating it like you might make a dollar from it today or one day in the future.

Generally keep the language PG-13 or better. Let’s be honest, occasionally a little color is called for, but if it’s super crude and littered everywhere with obscenities you probably just missed PG-13.

PvP prohibits the encouragement, organization and participation of harassment and hate speech. It is unacceptable to attack a PvP user or a community based on their disabilities, ethnicity, gender, national origin, race, religion affiliation, sex or sexual orientation.

Respect cultural and international differences of users gracefully and all applicable local, national and international laws while using PvP. Your ideal squad mate might just be on the other side of the world.

A word on cheating (*sighs* here we go...) generally it’s just not meritable. However, we’re not the gaming police either and won't investigate these matters. In our position, it’s generally bad juju and will catch up to you at some point. Capiche?  

Some No-No’s that are no fun to run through but we had to call out:

Avoid worldwide sensitive topics such as politics and religion.

Avoid spamming and keep spam tag low. If you have questions, comment on the feed or contact [email protected] directly.

Phishing, defrauding others, spreading malware and viruses or cheating a PvP affiliate, partner or rewards program are demerit-worthy.

Sharing content that promotes self-harm and/or suicide is prohibited and will be reported to local authorities.

Attempts or threats of violence to physically harm others are not allowed (unless it is game-related).

Attempts or threats to hack the PvP app is prohibited and will result in dismissal from PvP.

Hateful conduct, intimidation and verbal and/or sexual harassment will result in dismissal.

Any commentary that encourages or supports terrorism will result in dismissal from PvP.

Sharing personal information (such as credit card information, government-issued identification, passport, etc.) is highly discouraged.

Extreme violence, gore, animal cruelty and obscene conduct and content are prohibited and will result in dismissal from PvP.

Do not share intellectual property on PvP.

Do not misrepresent yourself in any way or commit any actions considered to be unethical.

Do not stalk other users on PvP.

Do not collect, harvest, or share any personal information about users in the PvP community.

*** All PvP guidelines apply to all PvP Partners and will be carefully monitored. As a representative of PvP, you are expected to adhere to our principles and guidelines at all times and will be held to a higher standard of conduct. ***